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Counsellor & Pyschotherapist London


Stress & Anxiety, Self-Esteem & Confidence

For some people stress and anxiety is triggered by events like interviews, flying or sports competitions. Other people might develop stress and anxiety as a result of the increasingly fast-paced world we live in. Whatever the cause, it can have a significant impact on both your health and wellbeing, presenting itself as anxiety related to particular situations (such as social occasions), panic attacks, phobias or a more general sense of anxiety.


I use various techniques, including psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, to gently help people who are feeling overwhelmed by stress and worries, working with them to overcome those feelings and make positive changes towards a calmer life.

Counsellor & Pyschotherapist London
Counsellor & Pyschotherapist London

Wellbeing, Lifestyle & Health Concerns

Struggles with self-image, body-confidence, weight or alcohol are common in today’s society. Often we battle to stick to a strict regime which might give short term results, but no long-term, fundamental change. I find it’s more effective to examine the way you think about yourself and your lifestyle with kindness. Together we will tackle unhelpful habits and behaviours, getting right to the roots so that they don’t come back over time.


I support many women during perimenopause and provide post menopause support to women moving through this new chapter. Having undertaken specialist training and with the latest research to guide you it can be a time of evolution and hope. As you embrace your 'Second Spring' 



Performance Anxiety, Public Speaking & Success Coaching

With my own career starting in the world of acting, performing and teaching; I know only too well how confidence can get in the way of performing at your best. Speaking or performing in front of other people can be uncomfortable, daunting or terrifying; whether that’s during a meeting, at a social event, delivering corporate presentations or performing arts.


Coaching can help you to overcome those nerves, find ways to prepare, and develop strategies for dealing with those nervous feelings while you are in the thick of the situation, so that you feel calmer and more in control.

Counsellor & Pyschotherapist London
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Perinatal & Postnatal

Pregnancy​ brings with it a real mix of emotions, some anxieties, and a lot of waiting! Asking for support at this time can be a helpful way to cope and to prepare yourself for your new-born's arrival. Discovering you’re going to be a parent can be both exciting and daunting at the same time, it can bring on a rollercoaster of emotions and we can work together using therapy techniques to manage those emotions to avoid the feeling of overwhelm. As a qualified Motherhood Studies practitioner I have studied and explored the many shifts and challenges that becoming a parent can bring. The huge array of emotions that comes with this new role. 

Becoming a parent​ is often seen as a time of joy and for some people that’s absolutely true. But it is also tough and for many people it can be overwhelming. Parenthood changes our priorities and the way we view the world. It changes our daily routines, lifestyle and sleep patterns and for mums, it changes us physically. I work with new parents through private sessions, helping you to adjust to those changes and feel calmer in your new role as a parent, mother, father.

Fertility issues and the transition to parenthood

Whether you’re looking for support through fertility difficulties or more specifically through the IVF process, I can help you. Counselling and psychotherapy can play an important part in helping to understand and process your emotions during an often stressful time.  As a qualified hypnobirthing practitioner with Easi-Birthing UK I can provide personalised treatment to help with fertility issues, Birth preparation and complex issues such as previous birth trauma or tokophobia.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that couples going through IVF should be offered counselling before, during and after treatment, whatever the outcome by someone who isn’t directly involved in managing the treatment.

Counsellor & Pyschotherapist London

I practise a variety of therapeutic techniques from the worlds of Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Coaching. I will select the appropriate therapy (or mix of therapies) to create a tailored treatment plan and work with you through the challenges, supporting you at every step of your journey.

Counsellor & Pyschotherapist London

Emerging Adults and Student coaching

Emerging adult hood can be a daunting time. The disruption to life over the last few years, has left many young people feeling isolated and anxious. The early years of adulthood can bring about many challenges. It is a time when we are constantly learning about ourselves and the world around us, trying to make sense of our increasing independence and our constantly shifting relationships; with parents, carers, family and friends. Add to that the fact it is also a time when you’re faced with changing hormones, exams and important decisions for the future; it is no wonder that I work with lots of young adults!


I can help young adults from the age of 16 who are struggling with anxiety, OCD, eating disorders and unhelpful relationships with food, exam stress and more.

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I have practices in both Ware, Hertfordshire and central London plus I also provide online sessions to clients around the globe for those preferring to work remotely.

To book an appointment or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Everything we talk about will be treated confidentially.

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